Storj Community Hangout + TGC Milestone 1

By Storj

Wed, Aug 3, 2016

We will be hosting a Community Chat and Hangout on August 5th at 3PM EST. We have made a ton of progress since our last chat and wanted to share those updates as well as give the community the opportunity to ask questions, and help shape our future goals.


Our Progress
Test Group C (TGC) has now been steadily running for a few weeks. We are impressed by the participation so far as well as the continued growth of our test user base and storage capacity within the Storj network.

Milestones and Stats
As with our previous test group, Test Group B, we have set platform usage milestones. The milestones for data storage on the platform are as follows:

  • 1 TB 

  • 10 TB

  • 100 TB

  • 1 PB

We are thrilled to announce that in a mere 2 weeks we smashed through the 1st milestone of 1 TB. Currently over 2 TB of user data is stored on our network and we are fast approaching our second milestone. The most notable stats we have collected:

  • Over 3,800 active users

  • Over 78,500 bucket entries

  • Over 700,000 shards

  • Over 33,000 Storj Share downloads

  • Over 20,000 command line tool downloads

Together with the telemetry data we have analyzed, we couldn’t be happier with TGC progress. We are preparing to distribute the first tranche of rewards in the next few days. Stay tuned for new releases and updates.

Be the cloud!
The Storj Team

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