Whitepaper v2 Released + Community Hangout

Whitepaper v2 Released + Community Hangout

By Storj

Thu, Dec 15, 2016

Dear Storj supporters,

You have heard about it a few days ago and finally here it is … we are thrilled to announce the release of the new Storj Whitepaper v2.

It has taken over two years of hard work, tons of community feedback, and many new team members to where we are today. The v2 whitepaper updates what worked, what didn’t work, and what will be built in the future.


Community Hangout
As usual around this time of the year, and specially for this occasion, we have arranged a Community Hangout which is going live in a few hours, at 4PM EST.

Remember to also join our Community Chat at https://community.storj.io, if you haven’t already, to be able to ask questions directly to the team in the #chat channel. We will also be monitoring for queries in the live chat on the right side of the hangout. 


The Storj Team

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