Decentralized Cloud
Storage is the Future

Tardigrade is the enterprise, production-ready version of
the Storj network, complete with guaranteed SLAs.

  • Affordable
  • Performant
  • Resilient
  • Secure
  • Predictable
  • Intuitive

Interested? Try it Out for Yourself.

The first 10,000 developers who sign up for our waitlist will get 1TB free for 30 days at production launch.

How it Works

With Tardigrade cloud storage, your files are encrypted and split into pieces client-side before being distributed across our network of high-performance storage nodes.




A Storage Service That's
Actually Simple

Drop-in S3 Compatibility

Our simple s3-compatible library gives developers a familiar experience.

Simple IAM

Tardigrade is equipped with intuitive identity and access management tools that streamline data sharing and permissions.

Developer Friendly

We have an easy-to-use library for app integration with our cloud storage network.

Need More Reasons to Try Tardigrade?


With multi-threaded, concurrent downloads you can get your files 20% faster than Amazon S3.


Reed-Solomon erasure coding enables the highest levels of durability for all files uploaded to the Tardigrade network.

Security & Privacy

No one can compromise or view your data without your permission. Client-side AES-256-GCM encryption is standard on every file.

Open Source

We’re open source, which means absolute transparency. Audit our code, read our white paper, and know exactly how everything works.

Tardigrade Cloud Object Storage Use Cases

Backup, Recovery and Archival

Long-term storage for infrequently accessed files for regulatory, compliance, disaster recover, or archival purposes.

Media Content Storage

Store large volumes of video, photo, or audio media, including tape / physical alternatives.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Instantly available cloud to compliment your on-prem storage.

Large File Transfer

Temporary storage of large files for sharing or point-to-point transfers.

Log Files Over 4kb

Long-term storage and easy accessibility for log data.

Database Snapshots

Backup and store critical database records.

Roadmap Milestones to Production

Tardigrade is currently in the Pioneer 1 phase of our beta. Those who sign up for our waitlist can also participate in our Beta ahead of production later this year.

  • Vanguard: User Alpha

  • Beacon: Identity & Access Management

  • Pioneer 1: V3 Network Beta

  • Pioneer 2: V3 Network Beta

  • ISS: Open Source Partner Connection

  • Voyager: Network V3 Launch

First 10k Users Get 1TB free for 30 Days at Production Launch.